Welcome to my website. I’m Arnie Godschalk, a nature photographer with a passion for all aspects of nature.

I create high-quality images, in which subjects tell the story of the particular moment. I treat environments, where images are taken, with great respect, as well as my subjects. Unnatural aspects do not belong on my images, nature must have something to do with the scene.

To learn more about my subjects, and to shoot better images, I do research on subjects and techniques. I do not use a photo studio that sets the subject as a model in front of the camera. However, finishing of photos is done in my digital and color calibrated studio. I use Adobe Lightroom with various plug-ins. Images are not manipulated, only light and colors are modified, if necessary. To reflect the reality as it was when the photo was taken.

I create my images with Nikon gear, although quality gear is not a requirement for a good photo. The best photos are made from a good composition and knowledge of your subject. As with anything, you can only deliver quality if basics have been applied. To make my photos better I use qualitative photo tools, but I think that this is not a prerequisite.

This website was recently built, I’m going to place some of my photos here. So, come watch regularly to see the photos. It’s always ok to contact me for requests and other questions. I like brainstorming with other photographers and photo viewers, it does not matter what the level of experience is.

Arnie Godschalk